Monday, September 28, 2009


No.: 012/09
24 September 2009 (Kuala Lumpur):

The MALB Executive Board held an emergency session amidst during the Eidil Fitri 09 celebration, to discuss on the MALB Asean Series 2009 issue, which was scheduled to be held in early November 2009. The ExecBoard concluded that due to a majority of the ExecBoard members involvement towards the Malaysia Team's preparation and participation for the Asian Cup Baseball Tournament in Bangkok and the late commencement of the MALB 2009 regular season (which kicked off in early August 2009), there was limited time for the ExecBoard to plan and execute on the preparation for the Asean Series Tournament.

Due to such time constraints, the ExecBoard was unable to secure several key elements vital to the organizing of the tournament, namely:

1) Lack of Response from Invited Countries (Only Malaysia and Singapore confirmed their participation)
2) Lack of response from identified and approached sponsors

Hence, the MALB ExecBoard conclusively decided to amend the frequency of the Asean Series tournament, to make it as a bi-annual event, thus postponing the 2009 installment to 2010. With the decision, it would not only give the organizers more time to plan for such prestigious event, it would also provide an opportunity to the organizer to prepare better amenities and facilities, thus creating a memorable and trouble free tournament for its participants.

The MALB ExecBoard deeply apologize, namely to Malaysia and Singapore baseball establishments for this sudden changes, as the ExecBoard strongly believes that these changes were necessary in order to provide a better tournament environment for the Asean Baseball community. Plans and preparations for the 2010 MALB Asean Series are already in motion, in which amongst other things, includes securing and constructing a proper baseball diamond and other baseball facilities, for the convenience and benefit of the 2010 MALB Asean Series participants.

The MALB ExecBoard sincerely hopes that the rescheduling would not deter the spirit and interest of participation from Singapore and Malaysia, and look forward to their continued support and participation in 2010.

Thank you


Monday, August 10, 2009

MALB 2009

Hello Baseballers,

the 9th of August 2009 marks the opening of the 2009 MALB season.. its 4th consecutive years of existence. Many have said, commented, criticized and commended MALB over the years, and many too have tried to replicate, or make an effort to replace MALB as Malaysia's premiere baseball league. We're still here, we're still strong, and we're doing whatever we can (within our limited means) to enhance the league experience for our participants.

The 2009 season was kicked off by Dato' Noh Abdullah, President of the Federation of Baseball Malaysia, witnessed by officials, players and participating team's representatives. It was fun to watch a 77 year-old man throw an opening pitch.. And it was a strike ball!!

All games for this season will be held at the Astaka Field 2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. This is actually the best tournament ground in comparison to all tournament grounds experienced by MALB, as its strategically located in the heart of PJ, and there's abundance of human traffic.. i.e. potential spectators.

Through MALB's 4 years experience, each season promises new faces, new attitude and new issues, both the good and the bad. This year as well. There are over-zealous teams wanting to show their fangs and stripes, but the Executive Board members are rather immune to those kind of showcase. What's important is that the league goes on, year after year.. with the promise of providing a properly managed, safe and professional tournament avenue for Malaysian baseball teams to improve themselves... Yes.. through regular competitive tournaments.. And that's what MALB is for.

So to all participating teams, I wish them all the best, and hope that they put aside any indifferences, and put forward their passion for baseball above all else..


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Its been a while since I logged on to this forum... reasons 1) chaotic and hectic schedule [both work and personal], 2) blogspot changed their operations, so I was too lazy (before) to actually read the new terms and go through the transformation process..

Today marks the 13th day after MALB's evolution. Evolution in the sense of:

1. MALB successfuly organized the first MALB Asean Series 2008 Malaysia, a 4-day baseball event - a follow-up tournament of the MALB Divisional Leagues, participated by 6 teams from 3 countries, namely Malaysia (Patriots and Stars), Singapore (Singapore Youth and Typhoon) and Indonesia (Garuda and Eagles).

2. MALB was formally changed and transformed from 'Malaysian All-Star League Baseball' to 'Major Asean League Baseball'.. This move is essential towards the regionalization of Malaysian baseball, as well as unifying efforts of professionalizing baseball within this region.

All members of the Executive Board as well as the MALB Asean Series Tournament Committee were totally drained out, poofed, puffed, wasted.... Rosli, Endra, Faudzi, Amran, Fazlina, Lana, Farah, Intan, Najib, Raja, and gang, we put our all towards succeeding in the event. 3 months of sleepless nights, breathless days, mindful mornings, hectic noons, draining evenings, and endless meetings at nights. We even got death defying thrills when our tournament venue were cancelled of its bookings 3 days prior to the event. Thanks to Shahrizal from Patriots that went the extra mile to help us in securing the field at University Malaya.

At the end of it, we were satisfied, when we were bombarded with compliments and positive feedbacks from participating teams (foreign teams and 1 local team..) It was all worth it... all the sacrifices, pains and sufferings...

What's Next? MALB National Tour 08 - planning to take the MALB All-Star Team to Terengganu (scheduled for end of November) and Singapore and then Jakarta in December. Oh ya.. there's also the Umpiring and scoring clinic, scheduled for early November, to be conducted by our newly found associates from the Asean Series experience... and yes... Trainers for those clinics are certified by IBAF or at least BFA.

The MALB Central, Singaporean and Indonesian Divisional Leagues will commence in February or early March 09, and Malaysia will host again the MALB Asean Series 2009, hopefully with the addition of Thailand and Bruneian teams. We hope, that everything will be smooth sailing from here on... Let's pray together and hope for the best.

Go Baseball!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well, kinda' sad that I couldn't watch last sundays game between "the owner" vs. "mr. president" coz the F1 tickets that I got for FREE was too good to go to waste..heheh. But then I heard that there was a lil' bit of "action" that I missed during the starting of the game ey. Ah well, as I expected to happen.

But I'm writting here today not to comment about the silly 'small boys' fight, but about the ground that the organizers got at the school. I came to watch abit of the Lions vs. Patriots game and daaaaaaaang, awesome all the way. But the padang guys, was too small on the right field lah. But hey, who am I to complain about the venue since I'm not even participating in it.

So I hope that the organizers will come up with greater venues in the future and for the 'small boys', you're playing a gentleman's game guys, solve the matter gentlemanly will ya!

Commander Cody...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

MALB Official Forum

MALB Official Forum


Since the starting day of MALB 2007, I've heard a lot of complaints towards the league organizers from certain teams that they are not doing a good job this year. Well folks, 800 bucks you paid for is waaaaaay to little to organize a league this big. They expected the organizers to supply water (okay, I agree too), food (dude, even MLB don't supply food for players!), tents at the dug-out (yeah sure, add another 500 bucks to the 800 u guys paid lah!), a proper mound (it's not the organizer's field and they have to follow the rules set by the venue owner) and a whole lot more stuff.

Well, I can see that these complaints were made because of sum "owner" of a team isn't really in good relations with the league president, so he's b*tching about all the wrong doings in the league and never looking at the positive side. Just mind you guys that this is the biggest ever baseball event in Malaysia, it's only the 2nd year and yet there are parties who already want to make bad reputations to these people who want revived Malaysian Baseball. I'm truly ashamed because MALB is still in it's 'infant' age, the organizers are trying reaaaaally hard to promote the league, yet the team that's involved with the league is the one trying to kill it. For me, all I can say is I sense jealousy. What say you?

Commander Cody...

Monday, March 26, 2007

MALB Official Forum

MALB Official Forum the new saeason has started!!! wuhooo!! been 2 weeks already since the big opening... teams competing are the one and only KL YANKEES!, Ronins, Lions, Patriots, Aces and Stars... since the start..we can see that alot of the teams have matured. a lot has changed since last year... this year 2 underdog teams were formed which are the KL Yankess and Ronins. 6 teams have been battling it out.. intense i tell ya... btw the nvenue has changed from UKM BANGI to padang bola SRK sri Kelana, Kelana Jaya at ss5.. so guys get ur gear and yer shades and come down to support ur favourite local teams!!! Bad boys fo life fool!!!!!!! hell yeah! till then... be back aight... chow!!!


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Updates on the website

To all MALB Fans and supporters.

Thank you for your kind support through all these time. We've been facing difficulties in geting a full time webmaster to update the website, and we've just integrated a new self-made software to input all statistic data onto the stats section of the website. Hopefully, after this, there would'nt be anymore problems in regards to website updates. Latest by wednesdays.

MALB Secretariat would like to extend their greatest gratitude to all supporters and fans, that have shown their undieng support towards the league, with hope that one day, MALB will be equivalent to MLB. Hail MALB!!!

We hope to see more team participation next year. We are also trying to penetrate schools (secondary level) around the Klang Valley, targeting at developing Baseball at grass root level. We want to achieve maximum coverage so that we'd be able to start the Minor League for the 2007 season. Hopefully.